An Alternative to ADD/ADHD Medication

According to the CDC, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. Although it is normal for children to have difficulty focusing and behaving at times, children diagnosed with ADHD do not just grow out of these behaviors. The symptoms continue and often cause difficulty at home and school.

CHADD, the National Resource on ADHD, indicates an estimated 10 million adults have ADHD. In young adults, ADHD may be associated with depression, mood swings and substance abuse.

We can help adults and parents who are looking for more natural ways to treat ADD/ADHD. If you or your child is struggling with ADD/ADHD learn more about neurofeedback therapy, which is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can help with focus and hyperactivity.

Ask Yourself

  • Have your ADD/ADHD medications stopped working or have they never worked?

  • Are you concerned that there are too many chemicals in prescription drugs and worried about harmful side effects??

  • What if you could improve your child’s ADD/ADHD symptoms without any medication by using their own brain waves?

  • What if you could eliminate or reduce chronic neurological conditions just by watching a movie or listening to music?

  • Are you searching for a safe alternative to medication?

Eliminate or Reduce Chronic Neurological Conditions Just by Watching a Movie or Listening to Music

If you think this is impossible then it is time for you to learn more about neurofeedback therapy. With the increase in technology, along with over five decades of research in understanding brain waves and the effect on your health, it is now possible to train your brain to positively impact the way the body functions.

The goal of neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD is to teach the patient to produce the brainwave patterns associated with focus.

Train Your Brain

Neurofeedback is a process of training brain waves back into healthy patterns using modern technology. This is a non-invasive approach and is a safe alternative to medicine. There are over 50 years of research and thousands of case studies to support its effectiveness in patients, and new case studies are being published daily. This technology has proven effective in treating conditions such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and many other medical disorders.

Client Testimonial

Most of his life, our 24 yr old son has had difficulties with depression, anger, insomnia and difficulty in connecting with people. After learning about Neurofeedback therapy, we decided to try a 20-session treatment plan with Dr. Rob Mayer at The Woodlands Pain Relief Center. Five sessions into the treatment plan we began to see a noticeable difference in our son. He was much more social. He was sleeping better and had fewer anger outbursts than before. By the time he was half way through, other family members were commenting on the changes in him. He joined in family activities and engaged in more conversations with all of us. He was seeing a marked improvement as well. At the end of his 20-session treatment, his remapping showed a 40% improvement toward normalcy. There is an amazing difference in our son. He is much happier, feels more in control of his emotions, sleeps at night and his concentration levels have improved. I wish we had known about and utilized Neurofeedback Therapy when he was still in school.

Considering the improvement in one round of treatments, we have decided to proceed with a second 20-session plan. We are so thankful to Dr. Mayer and his staff, for introducing us to Neurofeedback Therapy. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia or other behavioral issues.

– JM

Side Effects of ADD/ADHD Medication

The difficulty with any medication is that drugs work on the whole body and brain and not just on the specific area that needs assistance. This leads to many common side effects of ADD/ADHD medications, which include low appetite, sleep problems, irritability, depression and more. Whether you are an adult or a growing and developing child, not eating and not sleeping can cause significant side effects, and no one wants to deal with depression or watch their child suffer through depression and mood swings.

Is Your ADD/ADHD Medication Working?

If you feel like your medications have stopped working or never really worked in the first place, then you should consider neurofeedback therapy with Dr. Rob A. Mayer, D.C. Dr. Rob is committed to providing his patients with the best quality care available, which is one of the many reasons he has chosen neurofeedback therapy as a treatment option for patients suffering with ADD/ADHD symptoms.

Choose Neurofeedback Therapy

  • It’s Safe
  • Non-Invasive
  • Drug-Free ADD/ADHD Alternative Treatment

In addition to the positive neurophysiological effects of brain training, channeling your or your child’s hyperactivity into other outlets is beneficial for behavioral development as well.

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